13.6.2016 I finally managed to get posters of my artwork printed and I sold a few of them at my open house event and I would like to thank Bruce Biege for taking photographs of my art so I could get the posters done in time for the open house.

18.6.2016 This year has been very good, I was invited to a BUPA care home in Claygate to showcase my artwork as they were having an art day and I did a demostration of how I paint.

12.9.2016 I am very excited to announce that I will be moving into my new studio by the end of the year and I already have new ideas for another set of paintings which are parks and woodlands from childhood memories.

02.8.2017 I have been out and about taking photos for my woodland project which I'm hoping to start by the end of this month when I will moving into my new studio.

I have a friend who works in the media industry and he offered to make a short film about me and my artwork for social media so hopefully it will get shares around.